The Hunting of the Snark, An Agony in Eight Fits, by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by John Vernon Lord with a Foreword and Afterword by the artist, 72 pp, 324 × 196 mm, printed by Northend on Mohawk paper, 2006, 220 copies £68.00.
The Twelve Days of Christmas, Introduction and an explanation of the meaning of the Twelve Days by Michael Harrison, watercolours by Annie Newnham, 2010, 64 pp, 206 × 174 mm, printed by Northend on Mohawk paper, 240 Standard copies, paperbound, £36.50, 12 Special copies, each with one of the original watercolours in a large folder, £360.00.
Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay by George Ewart Evans, introduction by Alun Howkins, wood engravings by Harry Brockway, Anthony Christmas, David Gentleman, Miriam Macgregor, Howard Phipps, Peter Reddick and George Tute, 160 pp, 263 × 175 mm, printed letterpress by Libanus Press on Zerkall paper, 1999, 280 copies, casebound, £150.00
Beatrice d’Este, Three Weddings attended by the Duchess of Milan, from a Renaissance story by Julia Cartwright, Introduction by Michael Harrison, drawings Sylvia Stokeld, laser printed on Zerkall paper, 2006, 96 Standard copies, paperbound, £34.00, 36 Special copies, casebound and hand coloured by Anne Cathcart, £76.00
A Choice of Churches, with Literary Connections from Cornwall and Devon, churches selected and described by Michael Harrison and scraperboard illustrations by Alan Richards, 43 pp, 297 × 210 mm, printed litho by St Austell Press on Mohawk vellum paper, 2000, 120 copies, paperbound, £30.50,180 copies, casebound, £40.50, 36 copies printed on Zerkall paper and hand coloured £148.00
Galloway Landscapes, 19 poems by William Neil, woodcuts by Stan Dobbin, 48 pp, 255 × 180 mm, designed and typeset by David Esslemont, printed litho on Hahnemuhle Bugra Bütten paper, printed cover, 1997, 68 copies, casebound, standard b/w copy, £36.50
Poems on Several Occasions, 18 Poems by Matthew Prior, intro Richard Newmham, line drawings by Annie Neumham, 56 pp, 215 × 154 mm, lazer printed in black, red and brown, French-fold, litho-printed cover, 1993, 168 copies, casebound, £22.50