“Instead of despairing of what we have always been told is ugly, he [Piper] has accepted it at its face value and brought it to life. He has made us look a second time, without any sense of satire.”

David Heathcote writing on Shell Guides

Books, Dustwrappers, Periodicals & Ephemera
edited by Hugh Fowler-Wright

Alan Powers writes an Introduction and on Piper at Aldeburgh, David Heathcote writes on Shell Guides, Annamarie Stapleton covers Piper’s textiles and Rigby Graham writes on Piper’s wood engravings. Casebound, printed full colour, 164 pages 310 × 230, signed and numbered:
384 Standard copies, £96.00    Sold out
96 Special copies, bound quarter leather, with a folder containing reproductions of rare Piper ephemera, including posters and booklets, all in a slipcase, £296.00     Sold out

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The Special copies of Piper in print come bound quarter leather
in a slipcase with a folder containing these facsimile reprints:

1. 8-page leaflet for Imperial Airways, 1937.
2. 8-page extract from International Textiles, 1945, with an illustrated article by Piper, ‘The Colour of English Country Houses; a rare item as this was a wartime, export-only magazine.
3. Poster for the film ‘Painted Boats’ (all posters 310 × 460 mm), 1947.
4. 8-page extract from Countrygoer’s Heritage, 1945, with an article entitled ‘Pages from John Piper’s Notebook’.
5. Poster for British Travel and Holidays Association of Canterbury Cathedral, 1956.
6. Poster for ‘Painting in Coloured Light’ for Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge, 1982.
7. Poster for ‘Urban Landscapes’ at Hove Museum and Art Gallery, 1997
8. Hand-coloured aquatint ‘Regency Square from West Pier’ from the book Brighton Aquatints, 1939.
9. Original pen and wash drawing for the Folio Society edition of The Natural History of Selborne by the Reverend Gilbert White, 1962.
10. ‘Bedford Square’ again from Brighton Aquatints, 1939.