“and what is the use of a book,”
thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?”

Angel Dominguez is a celebrated artist from the Basque country. He is famous for his Alice in Wonderland, published in New York in 1996. Selwyn Goodacre wrote in a review of the book “one of the most exciting and elaborate editions of Alice that I have ever seen. Highly commended. A must.” Angel has been very influenced by Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac. Besides Alice, he has illustrated Kipling’s Just So Stories and The Jungle Book.

The book has 160 pages, with double- and single-page illustrations for each chapter and many smaller ones. The book is signed and numbered, casebound in a dust wrapper, page size 310 × 210mm. Typeset in Breughel by my brother Charles who also prepared the art work for printing by Northend Creative Print Solutions on 150 gsm Stow Book White paper. All editions are bound by Ludlow Bookbinders.

Standard Edition, £86.00.


52 Special copies with an additional volume The Wasp in a Wig, with an introduction by Selwyn Goodacre and new illustrations for the cover, endpapers and a double- and single-page illustration.
Both volumes are quarter bound in leather and contained in a slipcase, £260.00.


The Exemplary Edition has the two volumes, plus four giclée prints of Angel’s paintings, two from the book and two completely new, all signed and numbered, printed by Senecio Press and contained in a solander box, £420.00.




Brian Sibley, President of the English Lewis Carroll Society, in his interesting Aforethought says: ‘And lest anyone cavil at the notion of so many differing Alices co-habiting in one book (not to mention a variety of Hatters, Hares and Dormice) it should be remembered that it is, after all, an account of a dream, full of disorientating transitions (openings out and shuttings up like a telescope) and surprising transmogrifications (cats into grins, babies into pigs); a dream in which even the heroine isn’t entirely sure who she is: “I know who I was when I got up this morning,” she tells the Caterpillar, “but I think I must have changed several times since then.”’

With this in mind, it should not come as a surprise that the book contains illustrators reactions of all kinds. They come from Belgium, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Africa and Wales, with two from the USA and four from England. There is a brilliant computer-generated cover and endpapers from the delightfully titled Welsh ‘Twinkle and Gloom’. There is a list of contributors with photo and details of each artist. All the illustrations are new since we published Illustrated Alice.

There are 136 pages, plus printed endpapers and dust wrapper, page size 280 × 210. The book is typeset in Breughel by Charles Hall and printed by Northend Creative Print Solutions on 150gsm Stow Book White paper as this prospectus. Standard and Special copies are bound by Ludlow Bookbinding and the book will be available April 2015.

There will be 340 Standard copies, numbered and casebound with dw, £86.00; and 56 Special copies, bound quarter leather with a folder containing four prints portraying Alice, image size 325 × 227, page size 390 × 280, the prints signed and numbered. All contained in a solander box with printed cover, £340.00. Separate details of the Specials are available.

ISBN 978-0-9558343-9-4

Cover: Janet Woolley, England

Frontispiece: Schichinhoe Masaru, Japan

‘Down the Rabbit-Hole’, Kaori Ogawa, Japan

‘The Mad Tea-Party’, Robi Dui antono, Indonesia

Signed and numbered prints to go with the Special Edition

Lewis Carroll’s Alice has changed with the times. No longer is she the recognisable blonde with headband and pinnafore. Today she may be seen in Goth makeup and Doc Martins . . . a girl with attitude.

For our forthcoming limited-edition book Illustrating Alice, we have amassed nearly four hundred illustrations representing a world-wide look at the myriad of illustrated editions from Brazil, China, France, England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and the United States.

In addition, there are commentaries by artists who have illustrated Alice in Wonderland and a checklist which includes information on all the editions included in the book.

Due to the widespread interest in the subject, we are recommending that if you are interested in receiving a prospectus, when available, simply click on the ‘To Order’ box.

A page from the French chapter

Thoughts on illustrating Alice by Barry Moser

Illustrations from Chapter VI, Humpty Dumpty


Selwyn Goodacre writes in his Foreword that, “Looking-Glass is a brilliant sequel – it is not a return of Won-derland but rather a more satisfying further adventure.” Printed full colour, 144 pages, 310 × 200, 320 Standard copies with cloth spine, signed and numbered, £98.00 available
98 Special copies, bound quarter leather, with a 24 page illustrated booklet, Lord’s List, with details of 58 of the artist’s publications and four Glicée prints, signed by the artist, all in a slipcase. £320.00 available